Weekend Special: Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto

Visual Libraries - Day 2 of Workshop

Image by Claire_Sambrook via Flickr

Here’s to happy weekends and sleeping in!

♥ Although I don’t personally agree with all her choices (or reasons), I find this librarian’s list of top ten books out of her comfort zone quite interesting. I would add American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis to my own such list.

♥ Do you remember those pantyhose ads of the 1980s set to ZZ Top? Good times. Here’s a trip down memory lane of pantyhose ads.

♥ Fascinating journey through one man’s life, as seen by the books he and his family checked out. How is this possible? The What Middletown Read online database of borrowing records of the Muncie Public Library (Indiana) from the late 19th century, that’s how. (FYI, this would not really be possible today, as most libraries wipe personal circulation records due to privacy concerns.)

♥ I loves me some Awful Library Books, a fun site that showcases “deselected” library books that, however useful they MIGHT have been once upon a time, are amusing now. This post about the book Libby Shadows a Lady caught my eye — I mistakenly thought it read Library in the title, which would have been even creepier!


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