Weekend special: Clipping the corners

A small squirrel holding pink halloween candy,...

Got the whole world in our hands... Image via Wikipedia

This weekend special feels a bit more random than usual. But I’m sure you’ll have fun perusing the following nuggets of absurd-yet-intriguing slices of pop culture below. And they come with fewer calories than your leftover Halloween candy!

Is the world ready for America’s sweetheart to be a tattooed bad-ass? I say YES. After all, I do live in Portland, Oregon.

♥ I’m a special type of American, I guess — a BBC American, thanks to shows like Top Gear. And I don’t even particularly like cars or car shows.  But I’ve watched enough Top Gear enough now that I can throw out lines like, “Well, that’s a Ferrari for you” with relative nonchalance. 😉 Maybe that’s why I found this article about why our cars are painted such boring colors so interesting. (FYI, I’m totally on Team “Captain Slow” — I would be his sidekick, “Private Practical”)

Art for nerds in love? I’m there!

♥ I am fascinated by this slideshow and commentary on the eleven greatest performances by movie toilets. And how much fun is it to say that article’s title out loud?! Bless.


One comment on “Weekend special: Clipping the corners

  1. […] Not so sure on the “gorgeous” part, but definitely an interesting read. And no, this is not the first time I’ve mentioned toilets in a “Weekend Special” post. Keepin’ it classy, […]

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