Weekend Special: Fun size for all

Happy Halloween! And so begins the season of stuffing oneself…

♥ Ever wondered why “fun size” candy bars are considered fun? Turns out there are deeper psychological reasons for our fascination with bite-sized food. And cue the leftover Halloween candy!

Came from the Library T-Shirt - Cafe Press

♥ Planning any road trips this fall? Here are 10 horror film houses you can actually visit. No librarian movies on the list (cue sad violins), but I have been to #2 on the list.

♥ Born at the end of the 1970’s, I have always felt a bit at sea sandwiched between Generation X and Generation Y — and reading this made me shout out loud in relief, “This is ME. Finally!” Favorite moniker:  Generation Catalano. Runner-up: Generation Jem.

♥ My bachelor’s degree is in English, and I’m a librarian who watches a lot of movies. This means a lot of sitting-down time. But I also LOVE traveling and hiking. This piece (yes, written by my husband, full disclosure) winds its way through another author’s argument that an American will never again win the Nobel Prize for literature because, as a whole, modern American writers are too insular (I tend to agree). Stay with me, I do have a point here. I like the way the article, although starting with a slightly dispiriting notion, ends up with the life-affirming sentiment, “But you should dare to experience your own life — you should dare to live your own life.” And we’ve come full circle.


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