Movie, movie

I have lots of films to watch, so how do I go about that?

So out of the roughly 650 titles currently on my Master List of librarian movies — not counting the lists of foreign films, TV shows, or documentaries — I’ve personally watched almost 200 of them. Some films I have seen many, many times (It’s a Wonderful Life, Desk Set, Party Girl being among my personal faves), while others I have watched so that YOU don’t have to (Neverending Story III — just say no!)

I have many more films to watch, so how do I go about that? First off, I own a large collection of librarian movies. I keep adding to it when I can; as of now, my personal collection of librarian movies stands at around 70 titles. I’ve added a shot of some of them all stacked up, so you can get a peek. You might notice several of these personal titles are still plastic-wrapped; those are the ones I haven’t gotten around to watching (yet). Another great reason for this blog! And yes, I have several titles taped off TV, so no judging.

A glimpse into my world of reel librarians
A glimpse into my world of reel librarians

I also use my local public library to check out movies — hurray for libraries! Seriously, they’re better than Netflix or Blockbuster, so sign up and start checking out their collection of (free-for-you) movies. I’ve already got a list of over 50 more dvds I have begun requesting steadily from my public library, and I get to pick them up at my local branch just a few blocks away.

Plus, I’ve got a list of 60 more titles that are available from my cable on-demand service and Hulu (a subscription to HuluPlus only comes to about $8 a month, totally worth it). And throughout the year, I pick up a few more movies by going through the TCM and AMC TV schedules – this can be a gold mine for older movies that aren’t otherwise available. So I’ve got plenty more posts and reel librarian analysis down the pipe!

Author: Jennifer

Librarian, blogger, movie lover

2 thoughts on “Movie, movie”

  1. I’m sure you already have something like this in mind for a future post, but I’d love to see a description of your movie-watching process, too. How do you prepare to watch a movie? What do you look for while watching the movie? What sorts of notes do you take? How many times do you watch a movie with a librarian in it? That sort of thing.

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