Weekend Special: Route 1 kind of girl

Culling the interwebs for things to read and view and ponder and laugh about… here’s what I found interesting this week.

♥ Is librarianship one of the invisible professions on screen? That’s one of the questions asked in this funny and insightful stroll through reel librarian history. In the movie world, we librarians vie for screen time dominated by madcap heiresses, cowboys, and Gal Fridays.

♥ Remember when the hypertext novel was the book’s future? Truthfully, I don’t — but I do remember enjoying those Choose Your Own Adventure books. This article delves into why the hypertext novel stalled in its hyperlinked tracks.

♥ I knew this already emotionally, but now I have a verb to express it: I tartle all the time. Do you? Find out by reading through this list of words with no English equivalent.

♥ A new addition to the Queen’s Central Library, the Children’s Library Discovery Center (below), is ushering in “a quiet revolution reshaping the city’s public architecture” with its cheery, light-filled spaces.  That makes me happy. 🙂


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  1. […] Weekend Special: Route 1 kind of girl (reel-librarians.com) […]

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