Honorable Mention

Here are some extras rounding out my top picks for reel librarian portrayals.

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005):

At first glance, Miss Franny seems to be a spinster librarian, but we soon see her as a warm, friendly kindred spirit to the film’s heroine.

The Human Comedy (1943):

There is a brief, but heartwarming, scene in which the elderly librarian shares her love of books to two young boys.

Lorenzo’s Oil (1992):

One of the best reference interviews on film—an academic librarian calms an irritable patron without patronizing him.

The Music Man (1962):

Not one of my personal favorites (sorry, Robert Preston fans), but it is a good film notable for its influence in cementing librarians in popular culture.

The Substitute (1996):

A school librarian stands up to hoodlums—and backs it up by packing a pistol! Probably not the most family-friendly reel librarian (she’s got a potty mouth, as well) but one of the most memorable!


Author: Jennifer

Librarian, blogger, movie lover

4 thoughts on “Honorable Mention”

  1. Julia Roberts works in a library [both before and after leaving her husband] in the film “Sleeping with the Enemy”.

    1. Yes, I definitely need to rewatch that film and do a post about it soon! If I remember correctly (and I may not be), she uses the excuse of working in a library in the beginning… but then ends up working at an actual library after she leaves her husband.

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