Honorable Mention

Here are some extras rounding out my top picks for reel librarian portrayals.

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

At first glance, Miss Franny seems to be a spinster librarian, but we soon see her as a warm, friendly kindred spirit to the film’s heroine.

The Human Comedy (1943)

There is a brief, but heartwarming, scene in which the elderly librarian shares her love of books to two young boys.

Lorenzo’s Oil (1992)

One of the best reference interviews on film—an academic librarian calms an irritable patron without patronizing him.

The Music Man (1962)

Not one of my personal favorites (sorry, Robert Preston fans), but it is a good film notable for its influence in cementing librarians in popular culture.

The Substitute (1996)

A school librarian stands up to hoodlums—and backs it up by packing a pistol! Probably not the most family-friendly reel librarian (she’s got a potty mouth, as well) but one of the most memorable!


4 comments on “Honorable Mention

  1. Monique Lane says:

    Julia Roberts works in a library [both before and after leaving her husband] in the film “Sleeping with the Enemy”.

  2. […] I thought it would be fun to compare the BFI list to my own “Hall of Fame” and “Honorable Mention” lists of favorite reel librarians, which are also linked off my Best & Worst page. Do […]

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