Weekend Special: It goes like this

Yep, it’s that time, again. It’s the weekend! So… where were we?

♥ The Save the Words campaign has been out there for awhile, but there are thousands of words waiting to be adopted! I stop by this site every now and again, and I just adopted bimarian, which means “relating to two seas.” I will not deny the urge to save all words that rhyme with librarian.

♥ Knowing lots of info = good for you. Knowing where to find the info you need = gold star. Knowing the value of your librarians = priceless.

♥ First, watch (or rewatch) the Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn film, Desk Set. It is required viewing for this blog. And then read this series of articles that ponder, Will Robots Steal Your Job?.

♥ One essential thing to know about me, in addition to my love for librarians and movies, is that I love the word y’all. It sounds nice, it’s easy, it’s gender-neutral, and it JUST. MAKES. SENSE. We need more of this word in our lives, y’all, so read all about its remarkable history.


One comment on “Weekend Special: It goes like this

  1. […] my fingers for an answer more interesting than it rhymed with the word “librarian.” (Not that I’m against that.) And lo and behold, he based the lead female role on an actual librarian! (I don’t know if […]

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