Weekend Special: What’s in your wallet?

Actor Kunal Nayyar – Comic-Con 2009 - The Big ...

Oh, Raj, you are my favorite (Image via Wikipedia)

I am a lifelong fan of movies, but sometimes you gotta take a break. Here’s a round-up of some online stuff I’m reading and enjoying right now. These kind of posts won’t necessarily be movie-related, but most likely relate to pop culture or libraries in some way. Enjoy!

As a fan of The Big Bang Theory (how great were those season premiere episodes?!) and a researcher myself — it comes with the territory — these articles about TV fact-checkers are really interesting.

Banned Books Week is starting! This year, it’s September 24-October 1. So this week, read a banned book, watch a banned movie, and look at this post about mapping censorship in the U.S.

I remember this TV movie ages and ages ago about this poor girl who only wanted a stamp for Christmas so she could send a letter to Santa Claus. Seriously, our U.S. Postal Service rocks, and it’s so sad to me that it seems to have been fighting a slow death for the last decade or more. This article brings back the love, if only for a little while.

Stealth librarianship — it’s like my life’s motto. 😉


2 comments on “Weekend Special: What’s in your wallet?

  1. This is cool! I loved the censorship map, but my real favorite is the “stealth librarianship” manifesto, because it feels to me very similar to my own attitudes toward teaching: that we too often forget that we’re in service professions and that our self-serving “trickle-down academics” only benefit patrons (or, in my case, students) indirectly and eventually, and we need to work harder at working more directly with and for the people we’re actually here to serve! Thanks for posting that and these other interesting/fun articles. 🙂

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