Weekend Special: There should be more Thanksgiving songs

Harry Potter

Image by Profound Whatever via Flickr

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a lovely time! Here are some recent things I’m thankful for…

♥ Most of the items on this movie fan’s list of things to be thankful for this year. Personal favorite? “The Harry Potter franchise ending gracefully, and with its most beautifully shot film yet.”

♥ The elegant ruins of the Neon Boneyard, where neon signs in Las Vegas go to die. The photos here are gorgeously poignant.

♥ The chance to skip along a timeline of time travel literature? I LOVE that Harry Potter makes the list!

Roger Ebert. I ♥ you. Your optimism, your critical insights, and your total love of movies, inspire me every time.

Ok, NOW Christmas caroling can begin.

Weekend Special: You had me at hello

You had me at 'hello'

Happy weekend!

♥ Sometimes, I find I just need some pretty in my life. Here are some fantastic-yet-forgotten fonts of the Art Nouveau period.

♥ I’m a listmaker, so I love articles that list and rank things. And since this is a blog about (a particular slice of) pop culture, why not throw in Slate’s list of the new classics? Let the arguing begin.

♥ This site was recommended by my awesome husband, Sam Snoek-Brown. It’s a blog featuring a cute baby boy named Arthur, who happens to enjoy recreating scenes from classic movies. That’s right. You know me so well, Sam. ;)

♥ This clip of librarians getting their best Lady Gaga on has been out there awhile. This does not negate its awesomeness. (Don’t forget the databases!)

Weekend Special: Vintage charm

Vintage postcard of Empire State Building

♥ I love postcards, especially vintage postcards — they’re such a unique glimpse into popular culture. Here is a peek into the hard work of digitizing a postcard collection, from the Museum of the City of New York.  Seriously, hours upon hours upon hours of time digitizing and cataloging materials so we can scroll through them more easily online. Librarians, catalogers, archivists and museum curators are AWESOME. But you already knew that, right? ;)

♥ And it seems someone is leaving gorgeously intricate (and tiny) book-related sculptures in Scotland libraries. Scotland’s so lucky!

♥ This site is one of my personal favorites, Advertising for Love; it features newspaper personal ads to illustrate love and marriage back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the U.S. It sounds like such an odd subject, I know, but it is FASCINATING. Sample quote: “Romance, flirtations, and creepy stalkers. All in a day’s work for me.

Thank you, interwebs, for making sites like this possible.

Weekend special: Clipping the corners

A small squirrel holding pink halloween candy,...

Got the whole world in our hands... Image via Wikipedia

This weekend special feels a bit more random than usual. But I’m sure you’ll have fun perusing the following nuggets of absurd-yet-intriguing slices of pop culture below. And they come with fewer calories than your leftover Halloween candy!

Is the world ready for America’s sweetheart to be a tattooed bad-ass? I say YES. After all, I do live in Portland, Oregon.

♥ I’m a special type of American, I guess — a BBC American, thanks to shows like Top Gear. And I don’t even particularly like cars or car shows.  But I’ve watched enough Top Gear enough now that I can throw out lines like, “Well, that’s a Ferrari for you” with relative nonchalance. ;) Maybe that’s why I found this article about why our cars are painted such boring colors so interesting. (FYI, I’m totally on Team “Captain Slow” — I would be his sidekick, “Private Practical”)

Art for nerds in love? I’m there!

♥ I am fascinated by this slideshow and commentary on the eleven greatest performances by movie toilets. And how much fun is it to say that article’s title out loud?! Bless.

Weekend Special: Fun size for all

Happy Halloween! And so begins the season of stuffing oneself…

♥ Ever wondered why “fun size” candy bars are considered fun? Turns out there are deeper psychological reasons for our fascination with bite-sized food. And cue the leftover Halloween candy!

Came from the Library T-Shirt - Cafe Press

♥ Planning any road trips this fall? Here are 10 horror film houses you can actually visit. No librarian movies on the list (cue sad violins), but I have been to #2 on the list.

♥ Born at the end of the 1970’s, I have always felt a bit at sea sandwiched between Generation X and Generation Y — and reading this made me shout out loud in relief, “This is ME. Finally!” Favorite moniker:  Generation Catalano. Runner-up: Generation Jem.

♥ My bachelor’s degree is in English, and I’m a librarian who watches a lot of movies. This means a lot of sitting-down time. But I also LOVE traveling and hiking. This piece (yes, written by my husband, full disclosure) winds its way through another author’s argument that an American will never again win the Nobel Prize for literature because, as a whole, modern American writers are too insular (I tend to agree). Stay with me, I do have a point here. I like the way the article, although starting with a slightly dispiriting notion, ends up with the life-affirming sentiment, “But you should dare to experience your own life — you should dare to live your own life.” And we’ve come full circle.

Weekend special: Yodeling in my sleep


Image by Wonderdawg777 via Flickr

Hi there! I always have a running soundtrack in my brain, and this week, the dial has been stuck on The Sound of Music. Lay ee odl lay…

♥ In addition to libraries, movies, librarians in movies, books, the word y’all, I also love fashion. Renaissance woman, y’all. ;) So it comes as no surprise that the Librarian Wardrobe blog is my new favorite thing. I’m thinking about submitting my own pic…

♥ With a title like Secrets of the Colosseum, you can’t go wrong. Trust me, this article is fascinating.

♥ I could get lost overthinking it while staring at this complex-yet-fascinating Female Character Flowchart.

♥ I get cranky if I don’t read something before going to sleep. Could I go completely pixelated for a year of reading, like this guy? The jury is still out on that one.

Weekend Special: Route 1 kind of girl

Culling the interwebs for things to read and view and ponder and laugh about… here’s what I found interesting this week.

♥ Is librarianship one of the invisible professions on screen? That’s one of the questions asked in this funny and insightful stroll through reel librarian history. In the movie world, we librarians vie for screen time dominated by madcap heiresses, cowboys, and Gal Fridays.

♥ Remember when the hypertext novel was the book’s future? Truthfully, I don’t — but I do remember enjoying those Choose Your Own Adventure books. This article delves into why the hypertext novel stalled in its hyperlinked tracks.

♥ I knew this already emotionally, but now I have a verb to express it: I tartle all the time. Do you? Find out by reading through this list of words with no English equivalent.

♥ A new addition to the Queen’s Central Library, the Children’s Library Discovery Center (below), is ushering in “a quiet revolution reshaping the city’s public architecture” with its cheery, light-filled spaces.  That makes me happy. :)